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Purple Leaf

“It’s a way to give back some of what this school has given me."

When Kyle Walker (BA ‘11) first headed to Laurier, he struggled with the transition to university and his program choice.

But in his struggles he found tremendous support and opportunity from Laurier staff, faculty and students. After his bumpy university start, Kyle thrived, becoming Students’ Union Pres¬ident in 2010.

Even after he graduated, he continued to work for the Students’ Union until 2013 when he moved to Calgary for a job with Procter & Gamble.

“If it was not for the support I received at Laurier, I would not have graduated and would not be where I am today,” he says.

To pay it forward, Kyle purchased life insurance to leave as a legacy gift for future generations. For a little more than $1 a day, he will be able to leave a substantial gift to future generations of Laurier students. Students, who, like him, may find themselves struggling as they transition to university life.

Kyle’s gift will enhance student life at Laurier.

“I feel it is very important to ensure we support students who struggle with transition to university life and academics,” he says. Kyle hopes that through his gift, future graduating classes can look back like he has and appreciate all of the opportunities Laurier offers.


If you are interested in making a bequest to Laurier, please contact Cec Joyal, Development Officer, Individual & Legacy Giving, Development & Alumni Relations 519.498.4168 |

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