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The Laurier you love is made possible thanks to donations!

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Laurier students celebrate donors on Tag Day 2020

Purple and yellow tags were popping up everywhere across Laurier Waterloo and Brantford campuses at the beginning of the week of March 10, 2020. That’s because March 11 was Tag Day! Every year on Tag Day, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) gives students the opportunity to celebrate Laurier’s enriching partnerships with all of our wonderful donors. Donors to Laurier are alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, students, parents and friends of the university. They support scholarships, bursaries, mental health programming, emergency funds, academic and athletic programs, capital campaigns and so much more. As is written on one of the tags that was posted–

“The Laurier you love is made possible thanks to donations!”

Besides putting up the poster tags, the SAA hosted a (pre-social distancing) booth on the Waterloo and Brantford campuses, sharing coffee and treats and providing small tags that students could fill out with messages of gratitude and post on a nearby bulletin board. The booths were popular destinations throughout the morning as Laurier students came and expressed their gratitude and shared conversation and smiles.

Tag Day aims to raise awareness among students about the positive impacts of philanthropy on their lives at Laurier. The tags “draw attention to the great things donors have done in supporting and funding infrastructure on campus,” says Julia Pereira, former vice-president of the Waterloo Campus SAA.

“[Donors] help with tuition via scholarships and help build these beautiful buildings,” adds Daniel Cryderman, president of the Waterloo Campus SAA. “They’ve helped build and support the student lifestyle at Laurier to what it is.”

Of course, Tag Day is also a great way to thank donors.

“I think students are appreciative,” says Cryderman. “And that’s why we do Tag Day, to just thank donors for everything they’ve done for us!”

“One of the biggest things that philanthropy means is giving to those who might not necessarily have equal opportunity to succeed and to thrive because as we know, not everybody has the same financial stability that some of us are privileged to have,” says Teresa Bennett, director of strategic partnerships and outreach for the Waterloo Campus SAA. “But because of the donations and the constant giving of Laurier donors, it gives everybody a chance to succeed in what it is that they love to do.”

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