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Anne-marie Joy Henry

The world is complex and so are students' lives

“The world is complex and so are students’ lives,” says Anne-marie Joy Henry, co-ordinator for Global Engagement Programming at Laurier’s Brantford Campus and an Our Laurier donor.

“I think if students have something completely unexpected come up, it’s nice to know there are resources for them to reach out to for support.”

That’s why Henry supports the Student Emergency Fund, which provides one-time support to students who are experiencing unforeseen financial crises.

She also supports the Indigenous Student Emergency Fund, as part of her commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.

“I want to focus some of my personal giving in that direction,” she explains. “As much as we’re learning and changing and rethinking the ways that we occupy spaces in the community, putting some dollars on the table to support that learning, to support Indigenous student thriving, is a commitment that I have made.”

Henry appreciates that both emergency funds distribute donations to students in a very tailored way, specifically to address particular student needs. She feels good knowing her donation is meeting immediate needs, especially in unexpected situations. She describes her bi-weekly payroll donations as modest, but acknowledges that they build up, and because they are automatic, they don’t feel in any way like a financial burden.

“It’s great for me, when I’m doing my taxes and look back at my giving history for the year, I can see the consistency there, and I never even noticed the deduction, because it was so easy. And there are so many options in general for giving for any staff or faculty who are interested in donating.

“I’m sure that everyone at Laurier has one thing that they’d like to see grow – this is a way to actualize that!”

The Student Emergency Funds provide vital support for students who find themselves in unexpected emergency situations. Join Anne-marie Joy Henry in giving to the Student Emergency Funds to be there for our students when they need it most.

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