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Laurier alumna Astrid Janson
photo by Yuula Benivolski

Supporting Laurier students’ confidence, curiosity and commitment

For acclaimed production/set and costume designer Astrid Janson (BA ’69, H.C. ’16), giving to Laurier’s mental health initiatives is an investment in the future of the Arts in Canada. 

“When students enter university now in Ontario, they are a whole year younger than we were in the 60s,” she explains. “They need support for their mental health in every way if they are to succeed in their chosen fields. To tackle global issues like climate change and social justice, they must have confidence as well as curiosity and commitment.”text: Supporting the mental health of our students is as crucial as supporting their intellectual healthJanson credits her time at Laurier with giving her a great start to her career in the arts. “Laurier was small enough to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for me,” she says. “While I was majoring in Philosophy, I spent a great deal of time with the Drama Club designing and building musicals like Oliver! These supportive collaborations encouraged me to take creative risks, and my love for the theatre grew during my years at WLU.”

Janson has given monthly gifts to Laurier for more than a decade, and has a granddaughter studying trombone and Musical Composition in the Faculty of Music. In 2019, Astrid was one of 514 donors who gave a total of $95,273 to Mental Health Initiatives at Laurier. “I hope my support contributes to the resources that students can access for their mental wellbeing, as well as training for careers in Music and Art Therapy,” she says.

COVID-19 has created a huge disruption to every student's life. Please consider making a donation to Mental Health Initiatives at Laurier: your support will improve students' sense of community, connection and support good mental health through uncertain times.

Astrid Janson receives her honorary degree in 2016

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