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Anthony Khoraych (MBA ’11)

Anthony Khoraych (MBA ’11) fosters innovation and community growth in Milton by supporting scholarships for students at Laurier’s new Milton campus

“I want my giving story to be a compelling invitation to be part of something bigger. A vision of a community that thrives on education, innovation and sustainable development,” says Anthony Khoraych (MBA ’11), founder and CEO of Advanced Test & Automation Inc. (ATA), a Milton-based company that develops software-based test systems for research, development and production.

Khoraych wholeheartedly supports Laurier’s new Milton campus.

“I believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities,” he says. “That’s why I’m supporting a Laurier Milton Founders’ Scholarship, which will draw local talent and support future innovation that resonates with the needs of the community and the wider world.”

He credits Laurier with profoundly shaping his approach to innovation, leadership and community engagement.

During his MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Khoraych immersed himself in Laurier’s student-centred environment, where he enjoyed classroom learning, experiential education and a deep feeling of camaraderie and shared growth.

Opportunities to connect with students and professionals from diverse industries broadened his perspectives, allowing him to appreciate the universal challenges and opportunities across sectors. This global exposure was instrumental in cultivating a mindset that looks beyond borders for innovation and solutions.

“The highlight for me was representing Laurier at the John Molson Case Competition,” he says. “The experience was not just about the competition; it was a journey of intense preparation, individualized coaching from dedicated professors and instructors and the development of a nuanced, strategic mindset.”

The bonds formed with his teammates evolved into enduring professional relationships, based on the collaborative spirit that Khoraych values deeply.

“I believe in the power of people,” says Khoraych. “When passionate, talented, hardworking people come together, they can make a pretty big difference in the world. I carry this philosophy into how I engage with friends and family, my company and with the Milton community, which will now include Laurier students.”

Khoraych envisions Milton not only as a hub for technological innovation but as a vibrant community where education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability intersect to create a prosperous future for all residents.

“This only happens if we support and nurture the next generation,” says Khoraych. “By ‘paying it forward’ in appreciation of my own Laurier experience, I’m helping to build up my community, a community that I really care about. I’m excited to see the positive impact Laurier students will make in Milton!”

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