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A Laurier student’s message to donors and those considering giving

Contributing to Laurier student awards is an investment in future leaders, inventors and changemakers. In my experience, Laurier takes great satisfaction in creating an environment where social responsibility, personal development and academic success come together. Students are at the centre of the university’s mission; students who are working to maximize their educational opportunities and change the world for the better. Financial constraints, however, can seriously impede the pursuit of higher education, limit access to enrichment opportunities and ultimately limit the potential of many intelligent and driven students to make substantial contributions to society.

In my academic path, this bursary has been a guiding light. Knowing that someone sees my potential and is prepared to invest in my future has inspired me to pursue greatness and endure hardships.

Your generosity has far-reaching effects that go beyond the specific beneficiaries. Students who receive awards can return the favour by excelling academically, giving back to the community and making future contributions. Additionally, you encourage others to help by leading by example in generosity and education, which has a beneficial knock on effect that increases the good in our society.

Take into consideration the experiences of people who have previously benefited from these awards: students who have gone on to manage programs that change lives in marginalized communities; find creative answers to global problems; and contribute to a diverse and dynamic workforce. Contributing to student awards at Laurier adds to an important legacy of change, empowerment and opportunity.

I'm inviting you to participate in this really meaningful endeavour. One student at a time, we can all work together to create a brighter future.

Aleeza, Bachelor of Arts Economics, Year 3, recipient of the Herman, Winnifred and Kathryn Lippert Memorial Bursary 


If you are interested in making a bequest to Laurier, please contact Cec Joyal, Development Officer, Individual & Legacy Giving, Advancement and External Relations   548-889-4864  |

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