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Our strengths will lead the way

A message from Ivan Joseph, VP, Student Affairs

At Laurier, community is at the heart of who we are. Over the years, while our campuses have grown, the strength of Laurier continues to lie with our people. “We are all Golden Hawks” isn’t just an empty slogan for us.  It’s a proclamation that everyone matters: that “you belong here.” This sense of belonging has fostered a spirit of pride and connection across our campuses.

Our students graduate from Laurier and go out into the world to make a difference. They are innovators and leaders, who challenge the status quo and make a positive impact. The Laurier student experience, in and out of the classroom, continues to form the foundation of students’ success after graduation. Our programs are purposefully designed to equip students with both the theory and skills needed to thrive in their professional careers.

Donor support is vital to the Laurier student experience: to excellence in programming, activities, research, health and wellness and a vibrant campus culture.

In this newsletter, you will hear from donors who have supported the Laurier student experience by making a legacy gift. These gifts will help Laurier nourish student success for generations to come, and ensure that our strengths – our people and our sense of belonging – will lead the way to inspire change for the better.

Until you are on campus again… Stay Golden.


PS. If you'd like to learn more about legacy giving at Laurier, check out Laurier's Legacy Giving website.

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