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The decision to make a legacy gift is a highly personal one, and one that starts with considerations for your spouse, children and grandchildren. But just as it's significant to pass along a family heirloom like a ring or a watch, there are some less tangible treasures that permit us to become part of a greater legacy.

Through your gift, Laurier can continue to support student success, nurture great ideas and create an innovative learning environment that inspires generations to come. Learn more by getting in touch.

Benefits of Making a Bequest or Planned Gift


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"My father, David Oille, wanted to give back to the Laurier community that gave so much to my family over the years." - Cathy Baer

(David and Joan Oille pictured - read their story)

What you need to know

Planned gifts require careful thought and discussion with your family, attorney, accountant, or financial advisor.

If you have made, or plan to make, a gift to Laurier in your will, please let us know by filling out the Confidential Statement of Intent form below.

It is important for the university to receive information about your legacy gift to ensure your exact wishes are carried out when the gift is received. Our team is ready to work with you and your advisor in confidence and without obligation to help you explore the best possible method of giving for your circumstance.


Cec Joyal
Development Officer,
Individual and Legacy Giving

Cell: 519-498-4168

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“Unrestricted” gifts support the university’s highest priority needs at the time they are received. These gifts enable us to be flexible and responsive in stewarding your gift.

Consider an unrestricted gift designation to provide a stable foundation for Laurier into the future.

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Legacy Gift Options

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A gift in your will (bequest)

One of the simplest, most effective, and most flexible ways of making a substantial gift to Wilfrid Laurier University is to leave a bequest in your will. 

Through a bequest you may be able to make a much larger donation than you could have afforded in your lifetime. And you are not limited to gifts of cash – you can also leave stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets.

In return, your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full value of your bequest, saving tax dollars. Careful planning can maximize the benefits for your estate and beneficiaries.


Your will is highly personal. While we understand and respect that you may not be comfortable sharing the details of your bequest, we encourage you or your advisors to contact us to make sure your gift is designated in the way you intend so that we can make sure your wishes are carried out when the gift is received.

Will bequests can be arranged in a variety of ways. Seek advice from your lawyer and financial advisor to ensure that your gift meets your goals and provides the maximum benefit to your beneficiaries and the university.

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A gift of life insurance

Life insurance is an economical way to give a larger and more lasting gift to Laurier than you might otherwise be able to make. And you don’t have to draw on your assets now or deplete your estate. A gift of life insurance allows those of even modest means to make a sizable gift with only a small annual or monthly payment. Life insurance gifts can be structured to suit any financial situation.

Three ways to give a gift of life insurance

Benefits of giving life insurance

  • You can make a substantial and meaningful future contribution with tax deductible, modest premium payments.
  • The regular assets in your estate are retained for your family since your donation to Laurier is made out of the insurance payment.
  • You immediately become a major benefactor of the university, receive appropriate recognition, and extend your support beyond your lifetime to areas of personal interest.
  • Your gift will not be reduced by taxes, legal fees, probate, or administrative costs, and the gift cannot be contested.
  • There is no delay in payment as insurance proceeds pass to the university outside the estate.
  • You receive tax credits for your annual premium payments when the university is made owner and beneficiary of your policy.
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A gift of publicly traded securities

Gifts of securities (gifts of stock, bonds, and mutual funds) are a popular choice for donors. They are an easy way for you to support what matters most to you and be involved in Laurier’s exciting initiatives. And you or your estate can benefit from substantial tax savings.

Designation Options

You may designate your gift to an area that is important to you, such as scholarships, capital projects, programs or athletics.

If this is for a new designation, please contact us to discuss how you wish to designate the funds.

Alternatively, you may decide against putting restrictions on your gift, allowing the university to apply the funds to its highest priority needs.

Tax Benefits

Laurier follows CRA legislation and guidance on gifts of shares.
Under current legislation, charitable gifts of publicly traded securities are exempt from capital gains tax. Whether you give a gift of securities now or through a gift in your will, you won’t pay any tax on the gains. Valuation of the gift of shares will be determined at the time of transfer of ownership. Laurier will send you a tax receipt for this amount.
If you wish to donate stock held in a private company, please contact us to discuss valuation and acceptance.

Find the Donations of Securities Form here.

Transferring your shares

  1. Write a letter to your broker directing the transfer of a specific quantity of shares, mutual fund shares, etc. to Laurier.
  2. Please forward a copy to us as well. If you wish, in this letter you can designate how you wish to support the university.
  3. Your broker will then electronically transfer the shares to:

Account Name: Wilfrid Laurier University

Brokerage Account Number: 561-27099-1-4

Diane Looman,
Administrative Assistant to Chris Kitchen,
Kitchen Wealth Management, RBC Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
T. 519-747-4252 | Toll free: 1-800-265-8720
F. 519 747-1808
95 King St. South, 3rd Floor, Waterloo, ON N2J 5A2

It is important that the university be aware of this transaction. Please contact us at: 519.884.0710 x 3866 or give@wlu.ca.

Due to the tax advantages, there can be up to 40% less cost to you as the donor when donating shares vs cash. Please speak with your financial advisor.

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Endowments: An investment in the future

Endowments are powerful ways to invest in Laurier’s future because they provide a permanent source of funding for educational programs, research initiatives, scholarships and more.

Other types of legacy gifts

teacher and students

Support student awards at Laurier

Learn more about setting up a student award

Frequently asked questions

Legacy giving builds a foundation for the future

To discuss making a legacy gift, please contact:


Cec Joyal
Development Officer,
Individual and Legacy Giving

Cell: 519-498-4168
Office: 548-889-4864

The information on this page is of a general nature only and is not intended as legal or tax advice. Individuals are encouraged to consult with their legal and/or financial advisors before making gifts to Wilfrid Laurier University.
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